I would prattle on about how fast November has gone if it weren't for the fact I keep spelling November, nov-em-ember. Honestly, numerous emails this month, spellcheck has now added this word to my dictionary. 
If you get an email from me stating this , you are now invited to join  the exclusive nov-members only club. 

But yeah, guess who's been a busy bee lately? *points at self* 

I hope you were all aware of shopping centre, Westfield's 5th birthday. Well to celebrate, Vogue held a pop-up club. And my work was invited to attend. 
Gold was the theme of the night, gold invites, gold decor and sipping gold vodka.

Here is my night in some snaps:

Look Ma I'm on TV! 

Grace Jones Performance! 

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :)
    Nice pictures

    xo' M